LineBot Smart Chat

LineBot Smart Chat

LINEBOT X Smart Chat

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According to statistics, chatbots can save your brand up to 70% of customer service costs,

Save NT$15~21$ on every interaction! Let intelligent robots automatically answer more than 80% of repeated questions.

Significantly reduce customer service manpower burden, shorten customer waiting time, and provide fast and accurate consumer interaction.

24-hour instant reply, no longer worry about missing messages, and improve consumer brand favorability.


Through consumer interaction, we can significantly increase brand awareness and lock in target customer groups.

Adjust the delivery strategy according to the characteristics of individual channels, use the official LINE account, and open a new model of commercial marketing!


Paired with LINE SIMPLE BEACON, it uses Bluetooth Beacon micro-positioning service to send promotional information.

to the mobile phones of nearby consumers to attract passers-by, with Beacon as the center.

When consumers enter the signal range, they will receive messages from the store’s official account.

Massively expose products and enhance brand awareness.


Use customized chatbots to establish various marketing response modes and establish customer identification.

Summarize the monthly message sending and receiving volume, view the overall evaluation within each time period, and clearly analyze various customer sources.

Add tags manually or automatically to classify customers and accurately divide various consumer groups.

And classify according to tags to target target groups for marketing and promotion.


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