Holden Temple CRM System

Holden Temple CRM System

  • Scan the QRCode with your mobile phone to quickly be directed to the temple’s official LINE account page.
  • Consumers can follow the temple’s official LINE account and add friends through the LINE app to receive various relevant latest information in real time.
  • When consumers enter the 50-meter signal range of LINE Beacon, they will receive the latest news, promotional offers and other content from the official account.
  • Stores can also manually set the number of times LINE Beacon will push messages to consumers within the range within 24 hours.

  • Store Owner can modify and change the content of LINE Beacon push messages through the backend management system



  • Consumers can also pay and make donations by lighting up lights online directly through LINEPAY.



  • Users can view various operation records of consumers such as lighting lamps and donations in the backend management system。


  • Users can send text messages, line messages and other operation records in the background management system。